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i wrote this at 2 am one night when i was very upset about something or someone pissing me off, fighting etc in my teenage angsty life. i have no recollection of writing this, nor have i completely figured out what it means lol. oh well im just gonna post it for shits and giggles

Worlds all around
Their lights like beacons
Calling us
Calling us
Drawing in everything
Let the walls of existance break
Into a reality of nothing
A void of despair
Black like our souls
Burning around us
Like a spinning ring of fire
Toppling down like dominoes
doomed forever to fall
Into worlds unforgiven
Following lights to death
On a night with no moon
Only the stars to taunt you
They burn into your soul
Like melting steel
Crying out to understand
And people turn away
Hearts without love
World in a mess
Too much for all of them
Evil has doomed us
To a fate worse then living
To a fate worse then death
The sky grows light
Dawn breaks our days
But we awaken to nothing
Meaningless bonds
Broken into fragments
Calling me
Calling you
Worlds all around us
Waiting to be seen
Sending no reply
Stubborn as worlds fade
Can't hear their pleas
Deaf ears can sound no alarm
Ringing bells of fear
Crying out to die
With no one to reach
Like phones that don't ring
Swallowing up your tears
They tell you to ignore
The signs screaming
Like demons in a cage
Claws extended
Preparing to fight
But the flames consume us
Eats your very spirit
Wills nothing but blank
Eyes dead to unseeing
Believing in lies
The dark enthralls us
Guiding, leading
Inot pits of rats
Biting and infested
Infection to be spread
Plague of death to thee
The worlds around us
Surrounding our minds
Beckoning like rain
Calling us
Calling us


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