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Fighting's Storm

Like a thunderstorm
Without any rain
Our words can escalate
And bring us pain
Every yell a thunderclap
Accusations and scorn
Our beautiful rose
Is now only thorns
Anger is lightning
A second to burst
Boiling uncertainties
Feeling like we're cursed
No end in sight
An ongoing war
Nothing can stop it
Then what are we fighting for?

Fuck This

I can't do anything right
or so i'm told all the time
perfection is a need
but i don't want to be perfect
imperfection is better
i'd rather keep my faults
fuck this
why can't they ever respect me
for the imperfection i am
see it from my side
and just be happy i'm alive
fuck this
i don't need that kind of bullshit
i don't need to be held back
they try and conform me
but i'll just slip right back in
fuck this
if they can't see me
if i'm not good enough
then they're not good enough
a fallout well deserved


there's a bench i've been waiting on
for almost 2 whole years
i used to be the star of the team
now i can only sit and watch
instead of always wanting me
they only want me when they need me
it's like my light has faded
to shine light on a new star
while this one hides between the planets
barely seen by anyone
my bench is cold and lonely
i look to see if anyone comes
like a bus stop in the rain
no waiting is fun
pushed aside like some cheap toy
no one wants anymore
i keep waiting and watching
hoping that maybe they'll say
something to me besides 'help'
i feel so used and so neglected
are my problems not important?
are the things i go through mere
specks of dust on a window you can wash?
dont treat me like old records
you only play when you're sad
don't use me like some medication
you use only to forget your problems
if im really meant to be by your side
show more then twice a week

Heart with a Window

If the boy could read this
I think he'd smile
Maybe even blush
To know how much I care
To see the passion in my words
Just knowing what's there
Like a heart with a window
He can see all my feelings
The walls that he's slowly crumbling
With every hug i recieve
His kisses like cocaine
I just can't have one hit
He knows so much
Yet there's still so much to know
He makes me feel better
Then anyone really can
I've been invisible for so long
But he can see my small hands
He'll reach for them
And not let go
Even when I try to run
He'll be there waiting by
Knowing where I'll go
Like a lighthouse on the beach
My darkness is always ripped off
like a bad label you dont need
His light is the only thing i see
Simple words mean so much
Like his words someone shine brighter
Like the luminescent moon
A safe hand to hold and guide
Through the troubles in my life
My head untangled finally
As if the busy signal faded
Replaced by those green eyes
That see right into mine


Electricity jolts
Like sour candy on my tongue
Twitching, always moving
I just can't sit still!
My eyes dart around
Like I'm guilty of murder
Can't fight this feeling
It's crawling under my skin
And it's trying to get out
Scratching at my arms
As if i could peel the skin
And revel in this new energy
Like a sugar rush
Or an energy drink
I'm hyper
Pure bouncing of the walls
Music blaring loudly
Trying to shake it off
Nervous of nothing
Anxious to see no one
This feeling i can't explain
This tension needs to break
Be free and just relax
Fat chance, he says
He's right, I know
"The energy got you,
Now drown in your smiles,
and darting movements.
My little junkie,
Welcome to addiction!"

We Are The Low Born

We are the low born
Dredging the muck left behind
We slither and slip
Through a mess not owned by us
We pick up the pieces
Lay them burdened on our backs
Pretending nothing's wrong
Our hearts like useless sacks
We are the underdogs
Beaten and ashamed
Of Something we cannot help being
Our rightful places in this world
Defined by someone else
A chain strapped to our necks
Locked in place my money
That we never seem to have
Trying to beat the system
Will only get you closer
To that bottom we can't see
But is so close within our reach
Dredging through thicker muck
Slowed by crimes and atrocities
Only the poor can be condemned for
A life a servitude is all we know
Managing a pathetic existance
United by a heavy chain we go
Down to watch the Devil's show
We are the forever damned
Low born citizens of a broken world
Forever turning on a dial
Broken wings like an injured bird
Only to be beaten with a stick
Cruelty only the Low could bare
Our eyes nothing but lifeless stares
Do not seek to better our station
The U.S. hit us to hard with inflation
We count our pennies day by day
Hoping that we may find a way
But no luck, no shing light
Will save us from this Low born blight

Oct. 12th, 2010

People are inconsiderate, you expect it from strangers, but never from your friends. When true colors shine through you see how they really are and somehow you always end up surprised. The best you can hope for is that your friends have your back, but there will always be that one person who comes along and only wants to talk about their problems and how their life is hard. Here's a clue: LIFE IS HARD. We are born into a world of war and hate and violence, but it takes a real person to find the love, friendships and trust in all that gloom and doom.  

Writer's Block: A mile in these shoes

Which living person would you choose to be for a week, and why?

Honestly, I'd want to be Napolean Bonaparte. Really, think about it, he conquered almost half of Europe during the French Revolution. He was short too so I'd love to just be smug enough to say "I'm shorter then all of you but I own half of Europe, HA!"


my back is in pain
i hope it doesnt rain
i got to wear shorts today
and eat lunch with my friends
her dog peed at my feet
i love buffalo wings
driving totally sucks
but i love my car too much
the parking lot was full
i think i parked to close
they can deal with it not me
in lab again...
this teacher bores me
science is suposedly fun
this weird keep won't shut up
man, he annoys me
are they smoking weed?
in the woods?
people need to grow up
getting home sucked
there was too much traffic
and not enough radio
talking, talking, talking
missing my friends
missing my house
eating ice cream
in front of the tv
my ultimate guilty pleasure
wow i'm weird
new friends, new places
places i never thought
i'd ever even get to
randomly thinkng
i write these words down


A secret not so well hidden
But they don't see it all
Feeling like this for way to long
The girl always there
But not the one in the spotlight
She's kept in the dark
Like some horrible secret
Love she knows is real
But wrong to so many
Struggling to understand
How it could last this long
Falling hard for no one
She refuses to stray
From the one who says "I love you"
But loves another
Forever wondering in her mind
Confusion a daily plague
Pretty sure he's not lying
Though then again, he might be
She's going insane
Quietly in her mind
Tears he'll never see
Lonliness even he can't save
Disappointed for years now
Letting it happen